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Frequentley Asked Questions

 1. Are rental prices negotiable?
Negotiating a rental price depends on many factors, including how urgent it is for the landlord to lease the apartment,
the number of  
other potential tenants and specific requirements you may have for the property.


2. What upfront costs are there when signing a lease?
 Typically, a landlord asks for a deposit equal to two months of rent, plus the first month’s rent, when signing a lease.
deposit is returned to you when the lease expires, assuming you return the property in good condition and have
paid any 
additional expenses.


3. What penalties are there if I break my lease early?
Penalties depend on the landlord, but can include loss of two month’s rental (your deposit). Negotiating terms with the
can be beneficial, especially if you can find a new tenant to take over the broken lease.


4. What am I entitled to if the landlord breaks the lease early?
In this situation, the landlord will return your deposit. You may also be entitled to claim additional compensation based
on the 
original lease.


5. Can I get a lease for less than 12 months?
Most landlords do not accept lease terms for less than 12 months due to a number of factors. Serviced apartments
and hotels 
are one option for shorter-termed leases.

6. Can I include a break or extension clause in my lease?
 While most landlords would be reluctant to accept early break clauses, negotiation of terms is always possible.

7. Is it cheaper to lease an unfurnished, versus furnished, apartment?
Unfurnished developer properties cost between 1% and 10% less than furnished properties. If the property belongs to an
individual landlord, and they have not yet furnished it, lower rates can usually be negotiated. For individual landlords with 
already furnished properties, it is sometimes quite difficult to remove furniture from the apartments.


8. What do furnished apartments include?
 Furnishings vary depending on the cost of the unit and the landlord’s tastes. Most include:

     White goods (i.e.: refrigerator, stove top, washing machine)




In China, it is uncommon to find ovens and washing machines that use hot water. Again, negotiating new furnishings is
always a possibility.

9. Are there restrictions on where foreigners can live in
Most foreign residents, with the exception of diplomats, can live anywhere in Shanghai without restriction.

10. What is typically included in the price of rent?
Rental prices typically include general maintenance costs. For serviced apartments or large developments, negotiating
utilities, housekeeping, driver service and health club memberships are a possibility. These will influence the final rental price.

11. Can I lease or buy without a residence permit?
Regardless of visa type, foreign residents can lease and/or buy property in Shanghai.

12. What is considered an “old house”?
Any house built before 1949.

13. What type of mortgage are foreigners entitled to?
When buying property in Shanghai, foreigners are entitled to receive mortgages from local banks. As with Chinese
they must show proof of income.

14. What about my pets?
Household animals are more than welcome in Shanghai. In addition, dog owners need a government-issued dog license.

15. Is foreign television available in
Most buildings catering to foreign residents are equipped to receive foreign television stations. Older apartments typically
do not 
have licensing for foreign satellite channels.

16. What legal options do I have against my landlord?
It is highly recommended that disputes are handled out of court, between the landlord and tenant directly. Jason Property 
can assist in resolving disputes.

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